Thursday, August 30, 2012

Men are stupid creatures.

Today starts a 4 day weekend for my SO. This may seem like a good thing but in all reality, when it starts with a fight it makes for a long weekend. As I was online working on a newsletter for the fan club I run for Author Reyna Hawk, I saw something less than thrilling on my computer. Not exactly smut, but not much better. I'm a confronter, so I confront the SO almost immediately upon his arrival home from work. I get the normal "I'm sorry" and "it was stupid" responses. And I wonder why men can never come up with better excuses. Are they really so stupid that they don't realize how belittling that is? I guess I may never know the answer to that question. But I'm positive I don't want my son to be a stupid creature. I don't want him to be too girly, but what's the harm in hoping he turns out to think with his upper hemisphere instead of his lower? He's 3 now so I've got plenty if time to mold him. I just hope it isn't in his DNA. Wasn't Eve that ate from the forbidden why are females so capable of learning from their mistakes and men are not. How many times do they need to burn before they stop touching the stove?!? If anyone can answer these questions feel free to comment. Not that I'd believe you though....

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