Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disrespectful Bit&h

Whatever happened to the old ways? When parents watched their kids, when spanking was a form of punishment and not abuse, and the days when kids could play outside until dark because they were taught well enough to respect others and their property. I live on a quite cul de sac, and their are lots of kids in my neighborhood. Most are respectful, and even if they are not some of their parents force them to be. My problem lies with the girl across the street. She is around my age, and has a little girl younger than Levi, and she just lets her little girl run around the neighborhood like the kids 12 years old or something. It makes me sick how this chic thinks her child can be trying to climb in my window and she dosen't need to stop her. I get its a little girl, but why in the hell is your baby running around trying to crawl in a STRANGERS window?!? I try to be "friendly" to the neighborhood, but I'm about on my last string with this chic. Her favorite thing to do is give us dirty looks, shes not friendly and obviously not a good mom or her kid wouldn't be trying to climb in random windows. I'm not the type of person who cares if you like me or not, and i'll give someone a chance to be decent. But after that I'm done. I can play the same game she can, and its fair warning that my kids are WAY more destructive than her one itty bitty girl. So i think its time to return the favor, you think its ok for your child to run wild in my yard, then be prepared to get the same. I might not be so hard pressed or irritated about this, but my friend told me that if a child gets hurt on my property I can be held responsible. Screw that. This bitch just looks like the kind of person who likes to start shit. I tried being nice, Levi let her daughter play with his toy one time. And the little girl was straight mean to him. Does the Mom step in? Nope. Guess she wants to raise a little brat. Fine by me. But we can set one thing straight, the next time her kid is running around unsupervised, ill be having a chat with her. I mean come one people, you don't let yours kids in someone else's yard without permission. its common sense...

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  1. Ok I will be notifying the authorities on her. It is women like her that will then blame everyone else when her daughter comes up missing or something else happens to her. She needs a reality check!